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10 questions for a successful Aquaponic farmer

Damian hinkson inventor of the aquaponic machine

clevaland hinkson, grand father and inspration behind the aquaponic machine


Why AP for barbados?

aquaponics for barbados is for financial reasons. so that the small man can make money. with average investment.


Why do you do aquaponics?

because our little island has the unique advantage of being a small enough society and a advance enough society for aquaponics to play a significant part in growing food.


What are the challenges for people getting into AP in Barbados?

I myself have jump most the hurdles the average person doing AP in bim would have in terms of adapting the theology for individual profit generation. while growing more nutrient dense food.

Picture of damian hinkson inventor of the aquaponic machine standing next to the APM


Do you have any advise for us?

if you copy and paste the technology from information found on the internet what you are going to get is a system that produces lots of leafy greens and large batches of fish. this is the same industrial type thinking as factory farms. this business model will produce a small numbers of mega farms. I wish we go a different route of plenty small farms growing health food.


Who will aquaponics benefit?

Everyone, it is a new way to produce food and food is a basic need.


What experience do you have with aquaponics?

I have been trial and error aquaponics for long enough that I don’t make much errors now. I have extensive experience in growing plants for profit. from farm manager to landscape supervisor.

Carmilia Hinkson, grand mother and insparation behind the aquaponic machine


What is your vision for aquaponics in Barbados?

Shipping and handeling to Barbados is costly and the price only rises I would like to see the financial sector see this as a low risk sector as an industry on a whole I want to see AP tied into tourism as in hotels owning and operating aquaponic systems.


Advise for startup?

Food production is a volatile business. Your focus should be on the business model and building solid customer relationship so you can improve your product as you go.


What is the thing you dislike the most about AP?

before I automated the system I used to be close to the system incase anything happens to take charge and do any repairs, they are very few people to do this training I wish they were more.


What has been the most difficult part of your journey?

People with desk jobs in the supporting industries don’t have enough empathy for food producers. And more often than not their job parameters are not in sink with the needs of food producers.