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4 easy steps to seamlessly blend aquaponic gardening into your lifestyle this season

“Kings and cabbages go back to compost, but good deeds stay green forever.”

Rick DeMarinis

Tourism and aquaponics

caribbean tourism and aquaponics

It makes life easier for the whole family.

Many hands make light work.
Why would you want to integrate aquaponic systems into your home. the first benefit is that if anything was to happen to anyone the system as a whole will keep going as it will not be one person responsibility. The way to do this is to give task according to ability of family member. What I am about to do is give a general 4 step formula to guide you as the main caretaker of the system.

Gale and her family paid a visit to my research farm at Bairds village recently. She was the usual type of visitor. Many people are curious about aquaponics and are surprised to find a working system in Barbados and always take the opportunity to visit. I always welcome, this particular visitor. Gale asked all the usual questions but when she asked – why is there not a culture of domestic food production in Barbados because we have very conducive weather , the answer hit me.

Step 1. Eat healthy food.

this will mean that the scraps you use as compost will be healthier and if you have any deficiencies it will show up in the plant leaves so you will know what your diets are lacking.

Step 2. Buy with the end goal in mind.

eg if faced with plastic or paper packaging chose the paper because it can be composted. mother nature has a way of working things out and a good balanced diet will often have the right ratio to brake down what is needed.

Second generation aquaponics

young women in aquaponics

Step 3. Get other family members involved.

if you are at it alone then you will not get the best results you have to let everyone be involved in order to make it light work and your am is to reuse as much as possible so that the garbage out is very little.

Step 4. Add wicking beds.

these are an exelent way to add compost to the aquaponic system
These are also a cheap and easy way to care for plants without to much complication.

The benefits

We have free garbage collection; it’s that simple, free disposal of all our organic waste means we throw away that valuable resource that should be used to make compost we are sending it straight to the landfills. Compost is the absolute key to every productive kitchen garden, it has the ability to sustain a large population of micro life forms in the soil, without it you get very poor results. When you sweep your house you sweep out dirt, it has all the constituents of soil yet you can sense it has no life and could not even grow elephant grass, then look at real soil, same materials but the micro heard is alive and active, so it sticks together, it holds water, and most importantly grows food.

Aquaponics works in ratios

many wicking beds in aquaponics

These microscopic critters take care of our plants root zone and provide the conditions that promote active plant growth.

Share the work

There is an imperative need for Barbadians to become aware of wastage as a society and I think a small fee should be put on waste collection, or just privatize the thing (joke), but it is one place social reform would get a lot of bang for the buck. I want to see Barbados feed itself. This would be a good step in that direction.

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