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6 lies the aquaponics experts don’t want you to know

“Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience”

Denis Waitley

What you should know about the day to day work schedule on an aquaponics farm

research and development wicking beds

Harvest window, Space and manual labour are the three metrics to consider when producing food at home.

Plants can only grow so fast

Most plants grown for food will be usually be ready to harvest in 30 days to 6 months. This largely depends on the care of the plant as a well cared for plant will produce more and quicker than a plant that has to fight to survive. in aquaponics because the fish are constantly being feed their is a constant supply of nutrient filled water to produce healthy plants.

Plants need the correct room to grow

Physical space is required by plants in order to collect energy from the sun. But plants have roots and therefore can’t move. In traditional farming plants are spaced at the final distance required for the beginning of planting. this leaves lots of room between the plants and weeds often grow up in between and choke the plants we want to grow.

In aquaponics we have the ability to more the plants and keep them at the ideal spacing apart to drown out and weeds. This is because you are spending money on infrastructure so you need to make the most use of all the space. This is a long term investment and most money lenders want quick growth.

Long term fish breeding programs

the aquaponic machine

Farmers need to optimise the workload

You will find most farms are mega big industrial types and small farms are on the decrease. To make investor money back these big farms have people working hard to payback for the infrastructure as a day job. To optimise the labour the aspect of the jobs become very monotonous. for a home producer you want to spend all your time harvesting and as little time doing other things.


can operate in more than usual energy source for example when indoor we can alter the composition of the air and increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the air this makes the plants grow faster so if we find optimal for crops you can do more another buffer is the unsaleable portion of the plant and how we can handle this waste you either have to convert by composting that physical volume into soil as fast as possible.

Online monitoring of aquaponic systems

programmable logic controllers PLC in aquaponics

laws of nature vs laws of man

We are governed by laws of photosynthesis. Krebs cycle and decomposition. these 3 are in this means that it is possible to calculate the limit of humans that can be supported by the three this is in conjunction with profit and loss and monthly bill payments at this time what is special is and plants are the only living things that can

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