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7 places where aquaponics can grow food better than conventional farming

Damian hinkson inventor of the aquaponic machine

Growing staple quinoa in aquaponics

Places Aquaponics can outperform the rest

Aquaponics is a self contained aquaponics system and can be grown anywhere including mars. With each location the operating parameters will change a little but in the end once you have sunlight. water and air flow you can grow plants anywhere.

You can grow in a swamp in a desert in a river. in a jungle.  and you don't have to place the components in a regular tridisitional pattern that will be easily recognised from above.

close up of wicking grow bed filled with leafy green cabbage

Ice is the only thing that can stop aquaponics from working

You may have problems with growing in the ice as when is dead as it may destroy the container so we had to designed in in such a way to handle ice forming.

we can grow in unusual places like tree top or roof tops as they are hooks for easy hanging to the sides of Windows patios tree limbs etc. the colours it comes in can be bold and stand out or can be camouflage to blend into the surroundings and never be seen.

The apm was born in a hermetically sealed room under a 1ooo watt light where we found that fish provide enough carbon to grow plants and the smallest size necessary under a light .

Close up of wicking bed growing arugula

Its good for indoors so its good for all

indoor plumbing can get in your way and you dont want to be stepping over pipes during your day as that can really get to you back. that is why the plumbing is already done for you. we use simple plumbing so that any component can be taken off line and the rest of the system will function effectively you can easily add wheels for more mobility.

two can be stocked together to make a square that can fit into a grow tent it also has leak detection and low level sensors for water energy and food. there is also a hydroponic doses attachments for if you don't want to use fish.