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We didn’t invent aquaponics we just made it easy to do ☟

primary school tour of off grid aquaponics machine system
Our core belief

Throughout the history of food people have never been so separated from food production. When we re-connect people with Mother Nature we change lives for the better. Our belief is that by modernizing the kitchen garden and making it accessible for everyone the world becomes a better place because everyone deserves to watch something grow, then eat it. Click here to book a tour of the farm

primary school tour of outdoors off grid aquaponics machine system
Mission statement

We are here to turn food production into a household appliance. When most children are asked they say food comes from the supermarket, this makes us sad. We want to help people experience just enough natural food production to be a benefit to their lives but not so much to be a burden.

The ‘Aha’ Moment

One day a young lady said something that rocked my aquaponic world, she said, with a smile, “if I could keep my nails and garden I would, a girl got to look pretty”. This lady had no interest in the science of aquaponics. She wanted the food but none of the trial and error that we live for.This system is built just for her.

Adult tour of offgrid aquaponic system
Who is buying the aquaponic machine?

Our customers are the ones that buy good design. So we kept all of the benefits and removed all the drawbacks from the aquaponic experience. The aquaponic machine is a plug and play appliance like every other consumer product we have become accustomed to in our busy lives.

Damian hinkson standing infront of aquaponic machine
Our founder

My name is Damian Hinkson I love science fiction and I want to live like the Nox (Stargate SG-1 reference) I started learning to swim at age 34 because your never to old to learn. My biggest dream is to build a home that has aquaponics fully integrated throughout. I also want to see Barbados utilise this technology fully. Read the full interview here