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Aquaponic analytics

Aquaponic analytics

“f you have an ounce of common sense and one good friend you don’t need an analyst.”

Joan Crawford

 family-friendly  aquaponic system in Barbados backyard

Data Data Data……

As the world gets more and more plugged in and we use technology for more than half our wakeing day We find that Farming in general begins to take on the characteristics of technology and becomes factory farming when the focus is purely efficiency.

Aquaponics provides a new opportunity for single farmers in particular this opportunity comes in the form of being able to collect data and use that to get better at what they do.

With aquaponics you have control over many aspects that open feild cannot. This way we can look at the true cost of production and then we will know what the profit is. Traditional factory farms pollute because being efficient means to removeing unwanted quantities quickly.

Data points from a closed system like aquaponics opens doors to new worlds for new jobs and to find new ways to make money. A single farmer selling wholesale product is makeing a comeback because of this.

I dont know what the ultimate aquaponic system will look like but I am sure that it will come together soon. With all the people from their own backgrounds converging on food production through aquaponics I feel safe that someone out there has the answer to help us feed yourself without harming our home.

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