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A well defined problem is half of a solution

“A case study of the aquaponic machine”


Personal aquaponics for gardeners by gardeners, how to make your garden yield 3 times as much without having to weed.


The modern gardener, if you currently grow food (or want to) in these fast pace times then the aquaponic machine is for you.


The idea is not to produce all your food but to quickly learn how to produce food using aquaponics.


We have indoor and outdoor sizes, you can take them with you when you move house. You can bury them until SHTF or you can practice on a small system at the office


If growing food was easy everyone would be doing it. This space saving design doubles as an airtight industrial strength storage container you can use until you are ready to produce food.


Growing and tending to plants is a labor of love, for the first time here is a product aimed at making that process more user friendly


We have been doing this for a long time and we took all we learned from the big farm and put into this product to ensure you can skip the hard part and benefit from the start.

Click on picture for description of components

close up of aquaponic machine


No Hormones

We avoided hormones by grading fish 4 times throughout the growth cycle that allows you to keep the growth rate even and the sexes separate.

Totally off grid

We developed smart pumps that lowers power consumption and we also use wicking beds that require 5% of the power of traditional grow beds .

Feed availability

Reliable smart automatic fish feeders we developed to keep the fish and plants fed at optimal as fish require multiple feedings a day

Pest management

Mini greenhouse over each grow beds eliminates costly greenhouse infrastructure and pest at the same time

Extensive site preprepration

All piping comes with system and can be used on top of traditional garden or any open space our unique system can handle a 40 degree slope.

High shipping cost

Shipping, handling and storage problems are eliminated by our use of stackable and light weight food safe material

Learning curve

Customer support and a climate smart control system ensures to alert you when a problem starts to arise

Time consuming

Automation of most of the physical labour is done to increase the value of time spent

Water quality parameters

Use of natural home remedies for this solution so that we dont have to depend on chemicals or the store


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