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A well defined problem is half of a solution

“A case study of the aquaponic machine”


All the befits from diy aquaponic gardening put into one system kit designed for quick setup making it easy to own and operate a garden grow bed and fish tank at home while maintaining a modern lifestyle.


This is food production for the city slicker, you get the social benefit of growing healthy food but non of the drawbacks of hard labour involved in professional food production


The idea is not to produce all your food but to learn how to produce your food using aquaponics.


You can take them with you. you can bury them until SHTF and you can learn on a small indoor system your self


You dont need it till you need it. it is best to know how to grow food so when the time comes you dont have to deal with a steep learning curve


Food production has a steep learning curve you dont what to be learning to grow good and need the food your growing . plus our forefathers had very good soil at the beginning. we will be trying to grow under the worst conditions they are


By mass producing we bring down the cost to lower then if you made it your self. we also studied natural cycles and incorporated them into the design of our system.

Click on picture for description of components

close up of aquaponic machine


Hormone usage

By grading fish 4 times throughout the growth cycle we get to keep the growth rate even and the sexes separate.

Battery storage could not last overnight

Smart pumps lowers power usage at night and use wicking beds that only require irrigation during the day.

Cost and availability of fish feed a hindrance

Use pacu fish and aquatic plants to offset as pacu eat many local fruits and plants act as a buffer for fish to eat back while providing a breeding space

Pest of plants a problem

Mini greenhouse over each grow beds eliminates costly green house infrastructure and pest at the same time

Needs costly site prep and leveling

All piping comes with system and can be used on top of traditional garden no leveling because of unique system can handle a slop of 40 degrees and grow beds can be 40cm clearance from fish tank

High shipping cost

Shipping handling and storage taken into account and designed to be stackable and light weight food safe material

Learning curve

All the scientific processes are laid out in a way to learn them easily and that they handle each other

Time consuming

Automation of most of the physical labour is done to increase the value of time spent

Water quality parameters

we use natural home remedies for this solution so that we dont have to depend on chemicals from the store


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