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Aquaponics in the year 2047 

What aquaponics will look like in the future
Damian Hinkson

Large green water aquaponic fish pond

When it comes to envisioning the future of aquaponics

no one does it better than the aquaponic machine.

They are many possible out comes but here is what we think is the most likely scenario based on the worlds current trajectory.


Five important facts about the future of people and aquaponics.

1: Aquaponics becomes one of the big 3.

After the oil ran out……
People were forced to use technology to support needs, our want’s weren’t good enough anymore to justify using oil.

commercial coco coir wicking beds in greenhouse

The 3 main technology’s surviving are:

  1. Aquaponics
  2. Water purification
  3. Energy harvesting

Security of food crops is extremely difficult for open field agriculture and people have moved to a hyper local model of food production where they can protect and ensure that the crops they plant can be harvested.

2: Family is the most important thing.

As the major cities die from the inside out family’s move to where population densities are more sustainable. The outskirts of urban areas become prime real estate.

As food becomes the most important aspect of daily living nearly all of our time is spent around aquaponic systems as groups, forming bonds and interacting constantly.

This is the single most positive side effect of the technology.

commercial coco coir wicking beds in greenhouse with drainage system and concrete walkway

3: The haves and the have not’s.

We can see the people who got an early start on securing their food supply. Eventually every family had to do it. food water and energy harvesting are now top jobs for every family member to take part in.

The ones with the aquaponic knowledge and skills immediately flourished in the age of energy decline. they became producers and quickly gained wealth and access to everything they wanted.

4: Political class didn’t see it coming.

They were to busy in fighting and passing the buck among themselves to notice the big picture. Everyone was sure they will be able to import what is needed from foreign lands until they wasn’t enough to go around.

Grandpa was right. you need a Lawyers judge or politicians maybe once in your life. But you need a farmer every day.

As the shelfs became more empty people simply left their jobs in the inner city and started growing food.

5: It a new beginning.

Change is always hard but people adapt.

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