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Aquaponics is the future of humans 

Will we evolve to a type 1 civilization?
Damian Hinkson

arugula in coco coir wicking bed

Limits of plants

Until we can make food out of thin air like in science fiction movies we are bound to the natural limits of plants ability to transform sunlight into calaries and make food for all animial life.

Agriculture has pushed the limits of plants to the extreme with mono-croping, chemicals and machines like tractors.

We as a species have come so far that we can not go back to a time without agriculture.

We must continue to exploit plants if we are to maintain our way of life.

Root zone

The most important part of agriculture is the management of the root zone because that is where the cycle begins and ends. Through a process called decomposition wich is the convertion of dead organic matter to plant food by microbiological activity.

This process links hummans to nature

planting stages in aquaponic systems

The farmer has the job of feeding sociaty, and we failed to maintain a good root zone.

industrial agriculture has killed the soil

How the industrial system works is due to the fact that the energy used to extract oil is cheaper than the energy found in the oil. So when we use oil to power a tractor and do farm work we get a lot of work done for a little bit of money.

How Aquaponics changes the status quo

What Aquaponics does is to change to system from 1 farmer with a tractor feeding 100 people to a system where each of the 100 will now be feeding themselves. In other words the work of a full time farmer will now be spread out amounts the population.

This is the first time in modern history that Aquaponics systems are financially viable.

It doesnot work in the city as it should.

A major problem is that in the mega city the traditional food distribution network is to strong and people are so densely populated that consumption exceeds the natural limits plants can produce therefore you have to import food.
mobile aquaponic system on pick up truck

Aquaponics can only work as a teaching aid in the city untill electricity becomes cheap enough to power indoor grow lights for the plants but for now it is to expensive.

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