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Business model

“Growing up on a family farm, I know firsthand the challenges of running a small business… challenges that only seem to be growing for today’s entrepreneurs” Sam Graves

Business Model in aquaponics

The Hidden cause of failure

Size matters

An aquaponic system large enough to support a family of 5 after the SHTF will be a large for profit system in this current times. SHTF aquaponics a preppers dilemma
lets be reailistic here.
It takes a full time job to make enough money to feed 5. likewise farming for 5 is a full time job also.

Operations this size needs a correct business model to support you and your system.

Two different needs from one system

This can be difficult because a for profit system has different requierments from a for food system, the crop types and amounts will vary drastically.

You will have to build a system that is easily transformed from profit generating to food generating.

Success starts on paper

Your business model will determine what success is possible with your system.

What is the best business model? The UVI model with DWC growing leafy greens is the best for profit generation when close to a city or sub urban areas.

If your going for a UVI type system know that this model is for large industrial type aquaponics and has its flaws when applied to smaller scaled owner operated systems.6 lies the aquaponics experts don’t want you to know With our incite you will not fall victim to these flaws. But ensure you achieve an awesome successful aquaponic system.

Business model as a tool

If your going to build an Aquaponic system that is capable of producing all your family calories needs and have such a system at hand right now you have to look at these specific things in the business model.

Start Right

Make sure your starting capital lets you build out enough infrastructure that your harvest amount and frequency is large enough to cover all your inputs including labour and energy.

Renewable energy is often the better choice because the monthly payments for a loan is similar to the payments for energy from the mains.

Yet because aquaponics is a long term venture you can really save on total money spent to ROI with renewables.

Wholesale means less packaging problems

If your harvest amount is too small keeping customers will be difficult as wholesale prices always have a min amount.
Sales in bulk is better or you will have to hire someone to do marketing when at retail price. The frequency of harvest should be more than you have to pay for inputs like feed witch you don’t need to store for long as it may go bad.

Now that you know enough to build a critical financial plan take a look at this sample business plan, note that this is a trial and error and it cost less to make the mistakes on paper before you make them in real life, you’re ready to hash out the framework for your aquaponic system without worrying that you will not reach your goals.

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