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Precision aquaponics for sale ☟

Our flagship product is the aquaponic machine we also see live plants, harvested food and fish when available locally here in Barbados. We see all your aquaponic needs through affiliate marketing below, please buy through our site as it helps support us in our aim to change the world for the better through aquaponics.


30 Gallon Indoor


123 (11)

150 Gallon Outdoor



30 Gallon indoor control tank



150 Gallon outdoor control tank



30 Gallon indoor complete 5 pack system



150 Gallon Outdoor complete 5 pack system


various greenhouse covers for plants

$350 each

various aquatic plants

$5 each

Various heirloom organic seedlings

$1 each

Red tilapia for sale 5 pack


Harvest of the day


Barbados heirloom seed starter kit


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