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Compare the Aquaponic Machine to the competition

Damian hinkson inventor of the aquaponic machine

Aquaponic Machine vs. desktop systems

Most desktop systems are cheaply made and only designed to keep one betta fish the APM is well built and can produce plants. it also has a radio for tunes for your plants.

Aquaponic Machine vs. friendly aquaponics

Frendly is a dedicated grower that teaches how he has made a living on his island he teaches how to grow lettuce and us your fish as a nutrient source. the APM grows nutrient dense foods.

Aquaponic Machine vs. nelson and payed

They are the most trusted source in aquaponics and will charge you what they see as worth it in aquaponics but there business model means that the product will be very expensive the APM is a modular system you can upgrade as you go.

Aquaponic Machine vs. aquaponic source

Aquaponic Machine vs. Backyard aquaponics

Has the longest running first generation aquaponic systems around and are a flood and drain chift psit type set up good for hobby systems but the APM is second generation. thanks for paving the way.

Aquaponic Machine vs. Diy systems

You can build your own or get it for cheaper with the APM and all the features you can want are pre installed in the APM

Aquaponic Machine vs. Aquaponic god

Seams to be learning as he goes but doesn’t sell anything but information we sell actual systems.

Aquaponic Machine vs. School of aquaponics

This course comes highly recommended and is great for first generation systems we are second generation.

Aquaponic Machine vs. Maury hallom

Sells tours and speaks about aquaponics We dont do any of that we just sell really good aquaponic systems

Aquaponic Machine vs. Pentair aquaic ecosystems

Big players for big systems we specialise in aquaponics for personal problems

Aquaponic Machine vs. Areo garden

Not aquaponics but worth a mention because of the customer support available we have a similar model.

Aquaponic Machine vs. UVI systems

The grand father of aquaponic systems is the first generation and has since been upgraded

Aquaponic Machine vs. The aquaponic source

A long time name in aquaponics has been involved in information about aquaponics the website has not been updated for a long time

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