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The Big Idea
There are many different ways to produce food. We set out to find the Minimum Viable System (MVS) that a single farmer needs to be financially successful:

The business model we chose is residential based, owner operated and solar powered, rather than the traditional open field, gasoline based and investor owned.

Harvesting crops weekly from seeds produced on the farm reduces the chances of importing pests and greatly minimizes cash flow problems.

A major weakness of this model is start up costs, when compared to other forms of primary food production. However, when compared to secondary food processing businesses, it is favorable.

Daily Schedule
Time Task:
06:00 Walk farm for inspection
06:30 Fill fish feeders
07:00 Harvest crops
08:00 Prepare crops for delivery
09:00 Prepare grow beds
09:30 Transplant – pot to grow beds
10:00 Transplant – seedling tray to pot
10:30 Germination of seeds
11:00 Pest prevention measures
11:30 Walk farm for inspection
12:00 Deliver crop/ Collect inputs

Having a set schedule allows you to evaluate and become more efficient.

1. Fish grow out none
2. Fish pre harvest none
3. Fish harvest none
4. Pump PLC
5. Screen filter PLC
6. Setter none
7. Plant feed RAINBIRD
8. Mineraliser RAINBIRD???
9. Seedlings
10. Pots
11. Growbeds none
12. Hedge for fertilizing crops
13. Hedge for feeding fish
14. Cameras

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