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How we use the many benefits of hedgerows to drastically increase our profits in our aquaponic systems

“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.”

Will Rogers

Mexican sunflower hedgerow around aquaponic system

Attract pollinators

Mexican sunflower as a supplement is a dynamic accumulator what that means is that it is a term used in permaculture in indicate plants that gather certain minerals or nutrients from the soil and store them in a more bio-available form or in high concentration in their tissues these plants can be used as a fertilizer some of the most popular is seaweed like kelp or stinging nettles but one that fits our farm very well is the Mexican sunflower and also the black sage bush they can also be used for security as a hedge and the flowers also attract pollinators a favorite for the Monarch butterfly and the large black bumble bee

Cuttings taken of mexican sunflower before planting

Fermented plant extract (FPE)

(Xylocopa spp.) it is said that honey from black sage is exceptional. The care as a hedge you have to selectively prune the plant in order to keep the plant for becoming hard and to keep the profile right this way you can maintain the security feature and still have lots of new growth and growing tip for lots of blooms. The FPE from the blooms is also better for fruiting plants and it just so happens that the fruiting plans in the system are ready at the same time the hedges put out flowers.

Mexican sunflower cuttings planted in aquaponic system

Fish food

FPE short for fermented plant extract is when you take plants and soak them in water until they break down and release the nutrients into the water the process when done right can be very efficient and account for over 50% of you aquaponic system nutrients along with the unsalable produce and crop residue.