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How to build an automatic fish feeder for $30

“Being a fish out of water is tough, but that’s how you evolve.”

Kumail Nanjiani

Fish prefer precise feeding schedules

3 reasons automatic fish feeders can help your aquaponic system

Automatic fish feeders save time as most fish can do with feeding 4 times a day this will take alot out of your day to do this task.

The time that they save can be the difference between a successful business and a failure.

Here are some reasons to have a automatic fish feeder and also how to build a cheap one.

Some reasons why

Once done right automatic fish feeders can
1 Grow fish faster.
Fish will be feed to an exact time this increase the metabolism of the fish and they can get exactly whit is needed

2 Bring down the wastage
By feeding to time in predetermined amounts you can achieve more exact feedings and by having a high feeding frequently you would be able and feeling different fish sizes and amounts can vary so much that doing it by hand on a farm becomes very difficult

3 Gives you more free time
Witch feeder fish that hold 1 week worth of food means I have to visit a fish tank once a week to refill rather than 4 times a day to manually feed the fish. this ensures I get the fish feed to an.

The science proves it

Here is the step by step

Here is a DIY on building a cheap Fish feeder
1parts list
Step 1 of DIY fish feeder how to
2install mother
Step 2 of DIY fish feeder how to
3install shaft
Step 3 of DIY fish feeder how to
4install bottle
Step 4 of DIY fish feeder how to
5install timer
Step 5 of DIY fish feeder how to
6install install power source

These fish feeders come pre installed in the aquaponic machine btw

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