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How to buy the best size aquaponic pump

“The trouble with energy farming is that the energy isn’t always where you want to use it, and it isn’t always when you want to use it”

Bill Gates

Types of aquaponic farmers and their systems

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How important is sizeing your pump

Buying the right pump can be tricky you dont want too small a pump because your system will not work efficiently and you dont want too big a pump because you will be paying for wasted energy.

If you are going to use an IBC for your fish tank then a Jeboa DCT 4000 is the best pump for you to buy

These are 2 factors you need to know when buying a pump.

1.Total water volume

2.Total head

With these two numbers you can then look at pump charts and choose the best pump possible. Each pump comes with a pump chart that tells you how much water a pump can move at what height.

More pumps means less problems

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Why these numbers?

These numbers will tell you the minimal size pump you have to buy to work in your system. let’s find out how to calculate them.

Total water volume is just that. what you do is find out how much water is in the system. This means adding volumes of fish tanks, growbeds, filters and/or sump tanks, in short all of the water in your system.

This number is important because Pumps are rated at the amount of water they can move per hour

You want to move your water at least once per hour to ensure nothing gets stagnated.

The other variable is total head sometimes referred to as lift. Head is a measurement of how high up againts gravity the pump can move the water. In other words if you were pumping straight up how far up would the water go. And the higher up you go the less water you can pump.

Real life example

eg a pump pumping water 1 foot up may pump 100gph yet the same pump may pump 1gph at 12 feet while using the same energy.

You want a pump that moves enough water at a low enerycost. To find the total head of a system you first measure the distance between the lowest and highest water level and then add the friction loss created by the pipe work.

You can calculate this with PVC friction loss charts but most backyard systems can get by with adding 25% more head to your first measurement

To find the total head your pump will be operating at.

Use these two numbers and the pump charts to find the best possible pump for your system.

Smart pumps

Awesome fish tank features for aquaponics

luxury aquaponic fish tank

Smart pumps have become cost effective and with all the features these come with it is best to get one of these over the normal pumps.

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