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How to get off the bottle; Gardening without toxic chemicals at home

“The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.”

Michael Pollan

I spent more than I care to tell on aquaponics equipment (and here is what happened)

Damian hinkson locking fish tank cover

How concerned are you about food

Some people eat apples as portrayed in the mass media from the side to the core, some eat from the bottom or top end because that way you eat the whole apple leaving only the seeds and stem, some people scrape the wax off of the apple before eating it.

natural sources of fertiliser take more time

Most people don’t even know that some apples are dipped in wax to preserve it for years, some people read the bar code to see if it is an organic apple, some people peel the apple because they know the skin is the part that gets the most chemical spray, I personally don’t eat the red apple because it is imported, I prefer a mammy apple, golden apple or sugar apple. However way too much people have no idea what they are putting into their body.

Super markets are not health food stores

We tend to think that because it is sold in a supermarket it is good for us, we are inclined to forget that the supermarket is a business (to make a profit) it has nothing to do with our health.

War times thought us how to grow food this way

There is an interesting link between chemicals used in war and chemicals used in food production which is not well known – we war with each other and we war with Mother nature. Chemicals used in agriculture are actually watered down versions of the chemicals used in war.

natural fertilisers are hard to over use

Fertilizer use exploded onto the scene after the first world war because the war machinery that was used to create chemicals for bombs had to find an alternative use, it was easy to convert to be used in agriculture. The ammonium used in explosives is actually the same ammonium used in fertilizer, you should recall the Oklahoma City bombing.

100% solar powered aquaponics

women taking aquaponic training course

Round up is the most popular

In the Vietnam war the Americans where dropping like flies. In the alien terrain of the forest they used agent orange to spray the trees which caused the leaves to fall off thus exposing the solders the enemy. The effect agent orange is still seen today with people from those areas being born with defects. These chemicals never leave your system and wreck havoc with the human anatomy. The popular herbicide Roundup is a watered down version of agent orange. If you read the labels on these popular modern hose hold products and see the safety precautions necessary for use there is really no difference between what a farmer wears for protection and what a nuclear reactor worker wears, a hazmat (hazardous materials suit) suite.

The art of feeding fish in aquaponics

child friendly aquaponic fish tank

Even in small amounts they are not safe

These chemicals are being used daily and are washed down into our water supply, the continual usage in small doses would mean that you don’t observe the effect as quickly as those who were in Vietnam, but wide-spread use of these chemicals are reaching a point where our environment is now saturated. We declared war with mother earth and she is now fighting back in the form of climate change. I prefer the term climate adjustment. As the porpoise get lost and wash up on our beaches, and the north pole melting, the seasons will become more extreme as the climate adjust to what humans are doing to it.

This is our way of life

This generation did not make the choice to switch to the industrialized chemical life style, We know of the benefits. However, as the effect of the synthetic chemical life style become apparent, and we realize that it is not a foreign land that we are at war but it is our individual actions. I hope that we will change and begin to do things that will heal Mother earth. We can grow food in a chemical free way using Aquaponics.
This will stop the individual from putting so many chemicals into our environment by growing your food organically an you would not have to worry about the cumulative effect of ingesting so many chemicals for so many years and causing bad health later in life for everyone including our mother earth.

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