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How to spot credible online sources of aquaponic information

“Credibility comes from results. Everything else is just marketing.”

Richie Norton

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cristal clear aquaponic fish tank

Aquaponics is a hot topic

Putting the word aquaponics in a search engine will often bring you to information overload even before you start on your aquaponic journey. Choosing a source of aquaponic information is indeed a difficult task with all the people online claiming to be experts. Most likely you just want a source that will help you quickly grow from a beginner to a place where you are producing some if not all of your own food at home, and you would like to do so without spending loads of money and /or flying out to some remote farm for weeks to do an aquaponic course. Below are 5 points on how to spot Aquaponic players that genuinely want to and can help you.

How long have they been around?

Growing food is a long process, nutrient dense food takes 3 months or more to grow and most fish species take a year or more. If your source has less than 1 year of information that means they actually produced food 4 times or less. Hardly an expert.

No hormone fish breeding

breeding cage for tilapia aquaponics

All they grow is leafy greens;

let’s face it, leafy greens are very easy to grow. Anyone can grow lettuces, they make good practice crops but fruiting crops on the other hand takes talent to grow, crop selection separates the strong from the weak.

There is no mention of University of Virgin Islands (UVI),

this means that the person doesn’t respect the science behind aquaponics enough for you to take them seriously. UVI is the originators of modern aquaponics.

They only concentrate on the science behind aquaponics.

This may sound like a contradiction to number 3 but what I am saying is that aquaponics for a homeowner does not ONLY follow the same rules as aquaponics in the science lab or commercial settings; they are also unique needs for the home owner that must be accounted for.

They will exaggerate

how easy it is to grow or how much more you can grow using aquaponics. Even though it requires less labour input to grow using aquaponics if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

Organic media is low maintenace

corn in coco coir wicking bed

Who is the most relevant

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for when seeking guidance on your aquaponic journey don’t forget to leave reviews, comments and links to help others following along the path.

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