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Human Labour

“Sometimes you fall out of love with what you do. Some days, you wake up and wish you worked on a farm” Jonathan Anderson

Humman labour in aquaponics

“labor defines the system”

Its a hobby not a marriage

Ever plan a long trip away from home? what to do with the pets and fish? Will the aquaponic system survive without you? what if it breaks when your away?

All you can really do is give a friend or family member a crash course in aquaponic system maintenance and hope that no major disasters happen when your away.

It brakes when you least expect

But they always happen when your away. How reliable is your backup plan? and how long will you system be able to go without you. The answer to these questions lie in if its a hobby system or a for profit system.

A hobby system should be able to go unattended for up to 2 weeks while you’re on vacation 4 easy steps to seamlessly blend aquaponic gardening into your lifestyle this season a for profit system is much different as someone will be there for 40 hours a week so you don’t have to design redundancies into it.

User experience is king

Human labour and user friendliness is the most often overlooked component of aquaponics but we at the aquaponic machine think it is so important that we gave it a whole section by it self.

The Type of user will dictate the type of system you will need. The aquaponic machine get the astonishing power of aquaponics without the confusion of online courses or expensive books/ that may sound like a no brainer but you would be amazed at how much people just start building a system on the fly after hearing about Aquaponics.

The trap that most people fall into is makeing their first system bigger than a hobby size but not big enough to be commercial.

Aquaponic valley of death

The result is overworked people with hard to market produce. Unfortunately and the vast majority of aquaponic systems fall into this category.

let me tell you how to avoid this problem.

Make sure your system is big enough to let you have and uninterrupted social life. If it doesn’t, you’ll have trouble leaving the house as you don’t want to kill off your system.

Ensure your design has a variety of growing methods so you can learn the skill of plant canopy management on many different crops.

Better than a dirt garden

Any good food production method should let you harvest food on demand. This is important because storage of food after SHTF will be energy consuming and we want to avoid that.

Our systems are designed to give freedom of life and the social worth of growing food while learning new skills for personal satisfaction. What makes our SHTF surival aquaponic system work. As a bonus feature we have scheldule for our system designed to complement the 40hr work week.

First step is the hardest

Now that you know the first step is to find the time you will have avaible , you’re ready to start your maintenance plan without worrying and now you can build your system around that. Or buy our system per made with step by step instructions on how and what to plant.

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