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Human Labour

“Sometimes you fall out of love with what you do. Some days, you wake up and wish you worked on a farm”

Jonathan Anderson

Humman labour in aquaponics

“The amount of labor defines the type of system”

young family member feeding red tilapia in aquaponic

User experience is king

The Owner operated aquaponic business model is the least understood yet most applied in aquaponics. Designing aquaponic systems with a single farmer’s labor as the limiting factor solves a variety of problems. This means that the design of the system and the day to day operations are considered and prepared for and made as efficient and fun as possible.

This is happening now that the older aquaponic systems are reaching ROI and they have seen how little tweaks affect the bottom line.

You should know this is not simply having enough room to walk between grow beds but it entails things like sizing of the physical component according to the time it takes to do the relevant task and the financial impact the component will have on the cash flow. For example; Sizing fish feeders so that they need refilling once a week or sizing fish tanks so that it takes 1 hour to harvest and clean.

The owner operated aquaponic farm

In the end you will find that long term happiness with working on your aquaponic system is desirable this is the right decision because Aquaponic farming is a long term business and This is important so that the ROI is achieved as soon as possible and also that the health of the owner operator is maintained at the highest standard long term.

It brakes when you least expect

But they always happen when your away. How reliable is your backup plan? and how long will you system be able to go without you. The answer to these questions lie in if its a hobby system or a for profit system.

A hobby system should be able to go unattended for up to 2 weeks while you’re on vacation 4 easy steps to seamlessly blend aquaponic gardening into your lifestyle this season a for profit system is much different as someone will be there for 40 hours a week so you don’t have to design redundancies into it.

Its a Job not a marriage

Human labour and user friendliness is the most often overlooked component of aquaponics but we at the aquaponic machine think it is so important that we gave it a whole section by it self.

The decision was a financial one as maximizing the human labor has the most effect on bottom line because human labor is the majority of the running cost. The changes we have found are implemented into our design and we have them listed out trough out our website.

Feedback was given to us by interns from local universities and educational institutions we also make changes internally as necessary. The impact that the changes will have on you are a quicker ROI and a resale value for when you are finished working with the aquaponic system

The Type of user will dictate the type of system you will need.that may sound like a no brainer but you would be amazed at how much people just start building a system on the fly after hearing about Aquaponics.

NFT backyard aquaponics with PVC green house

The trap that most people fall into is makeing their first system bigger than a hobby size but not big enough to be commercial.

The result is overworked people with hard to market produce. Unfortunately and the vast majority of aquaponic systems fall into this category.

let me tell you how to avoid this problem.

Aquaponic valley of death

The decision to change certain aspects of our farm and the sizes of some components from the standard aquaponic system comes from trial and error of running aquaponic our systems long term. We got to see how the little things add up over time and have large impacts on the bottom line and more importantly the owner/operators physical and financial health.

By fitting the entire list of maintenance task into a one week schedule and maintaining that work flow the cash flow will also be stable and the operator has better time management to do marketing and delivery.

Make sure your system is big enough to let you have and uninterrupted social life. If it doesn’t, you’ll have trouble leaving the house as you don’t want to kill off your system.

Ensure your design has a variety of growing methods so you can learn the skill of plant canopy management on many different crops.

Better than a dirt garden

Any good food production method should let you harvest food on demand. This is important because storage of food after SHTF will be energy consuming and we want to avoid that.

Our systems are designed to give freedom of life and the social worth of growing food while learning new skills for personal satisfaction. What makes our SHTF surival aquaponic system work. As a bonus feature we have scheldule for our system designed to complement the 40hr work week.

First step is the hardest

Backyard aquaponics and container gardening

The best time to examine your system for efficiency in operation is in the planning stage. Most people getting into aquaponics are not looking at what is best for the operator at all. The focus is only on what is best for the animal and plant life. Now that you know the first step is to find the time you will have available , you’re ready to start your maintenance plan without worrying and now you can build your system around that. Or buy our system per made with step by step instructions on how and what to plant.

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