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Visionary Aquaponics podcast 37: Starting Aquaponics in Barbados with Damian Hinkson of Baird’s Village Aquaponics Association

Growing lime in da coconut!!!! In this episode Damian shares with us how people are his driving force to pursue aquaponics, his own definition of it and how it has changed how his community thinks towards farming. He also talks about how he got a grant from the United Nations to create an aquaponics system in Barbados and how he uses coconut HUSKS as his organic media. Learn more about growing lime trees and get a better understanding of how decoupled systems work. Also find out how Damian categorizes people in aquaponics under three types, what beginners need to learn from about aquaponics, funding and setting up community aquaponics, and why Damian thinks farming is not for everyone! For a country such as Barbados that basically imports almost everything in to the island, getting the local people involved in aquaponic farming and getting the word out there are some of Damian’s biggest contributions to the island.

Growing With Fishes Podcast. A podcast dedicated to growing aquaponic cannabis and spreading information to the masses about sustainable cannabis production!
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