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Multiple pumps for more convenient and profitable aquaponics

People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.

Bob Dylan

Growbed sump tank for 36 off grid wicking beds at the aquaponic machine

What do you need in a pump

finding the right size pumping system for your first aquaponic system is not as straightforward as it will seam .

There are so many things to concider

  • Is this the size I will want after I upgrade?
  • Is this a brand i can trust?
  • Can this pump handle the static head of the irrigation system?
  • Can I get replacement parts incase it brakes?

How do you go about choosing the perfect size pump? most people just buy the cheapest pump that can move the water they need. But before you buy your pump by conforming to the idea that a one pump system is the best, there is another way of thinking I will like to introduce you to that can save you more money and make you more productive not only in the long run but from the initial stages as well.

 1 horsepower pump to service commercial aquaponic system

A multi pump approach is better for many reasons.

  1. Your growing your system in stages
  2. You have your crops in stages
  3. Each function can operate on its own pump
  4. You will always have back ups
  5. Less work wear and tear per pump
  6. Not wasting power usage

Make sure your aquaponic pump lets you adjust the speed to what you need. If it doesn’t, you will have trouble saving energy consumption and .Ensure your irrigation system has a common and oversized drain so you can add on components as necessary and is sized to maximize the pump. Any good design should let you expand the size and add extra pumps. This is important because that is the path to growing the system to the size you want.

 Off grid pumping system for aquaponic machine 24VDC

The best for your self

While not necessary, some great bonus features of a great multi pump approach are PLC controllers, float and flow sensors, variable speed pumps, separate air bleed valves for each pump, floating input manifolds flexible output to place the pump where you need it.

Now that you know the benefits of having multiple pumps, you are ready to start your first system without worrying about how to upgrade when necessary.

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