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Parallel Settling tanks in fish farming

Art is a harmony parallel with nature.

Paul Cezanne

up flow fillter diy 55 gallon

Never clean a filter again

Have you ever tried to filter your water till it is crystal clear with a filter that you dont have to clean very often if not at all? If so, you will know that it is difficult because the cleaner you filter the water the more regular you’re going to have clogged filters and have to manually clean.

So what do you do? Many people have found success by using drum filters or bead filters that are automatically backwashing. But they end up using more water than necessary . But there are a few things you should know before you buy and implement a filter system to ensure crystal clear water without the hard work.

over head view of 8 hour a week moldule of aquaponic machine wicking beds filled with coco coir

The problem with all filters

This post will tell you what you need to know to build an upflow filter that will let you successfully transfer water to and from your fish tank and grow beds and keep your water idea without any human intervention. the ebb and flow action is necessary for this all to work.

If you are looking for a self cleaning and maintaining water quality system, the best method to ensure you end up with something that lets you get water down to 5 microns and still keep the water flowing as fast as the fish need is by looking for these things

Make sure your settling tank holds enough volume you remove enough of the water from the fish tank filters to get all the dirtiest water. If it does not, you will have trouble keeping your filter clean as you will leave back some gunk each time and it will build up.

55 gallon compost tea brewer for aquaponics

How it works together

Ensure your line out the settling tank is high enough from the bottom so you do drain any of the dirt from the bottom and that is has a way to stir up the bottom so you can pump out all the dirt when necessary.

Any good settling tank should let you flood and drain at will. This is important because it will go anaerobic if you have to much sludge at the bottom and no way to empty that. so a complete empty of the tank should be an option.

While not necessary, some great bonus features of a great settling tank are come bottoms, syphon breakers are necessary, full coverage from mosquitoes and an outline pre- filter.

Now that you know offline settling is a viable option, you are ready to buy or build your own without worrying that it will not work in this application.

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