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Is the aquaponic machine right for you?

Whether you are planning on staying a hobbyist or quickly expanding into commercial growing, the aquaponic machine is all you need to be successful.

From a 5 unit backyard system to a 250 unit system for personal profit, our unique design and algorithms will keep you up to date, your operation sustainable and your crops happy.

Scientists and Do It Yourselfers started aquaponics, however they didn’t do a good job at making it practical for the rest of us.

Here’s 3 ways how we simplified the process for you


Comes in 2 convenient sizes 30 gallon for light use and 150 gallon for heavy duty use.


Because of mass production in our factories this is actually cheaper than if you build it yourself.


The aquaponic machine is a clean and modular design all you have to do is connect the main tanks together.
Plants not getting enough nutrients? add a fish tank. water is to dirty for your preference? get the the drum filter upgrade. Whatever you do you can keep adding on to the the system until your comfortable with the size.

The power of the Aquaponic Machine.

In the above picture you can see the true power of the aquaponic machine (ApM) is in the system design. What makes the ApM so revolutionary is because it is a kit for sale like no other. You don’t need to do a course to learn aquaponics. Everything is in the design, all you have to do is maintain a balanced ratio of fish tanks to grow beds because this equilibrium is what powers aquaponic systems. The manure created by the fish should be used up by the plants before it builds up and cause problems for your fish. Your job as the operator is to maintain that balance and we have provided you with the tools to do so. The ApM’s computer can tell you of problems before they get a chance to harm your crops and even take actions to prevent them. With this type of power success comes with far less work than DIY systems.

The aquaponic machine is designed to give the best gardening experience possible it does for gardening exactly what the washing machine did for washing.

What we need now are……

  • leaders that will grow in their front yards
  • leaders to inspire the civilian
  • leaders that know talk is cheap and we have to grow our own food in this post industrial world.

And most of all……….

leaders that know once they start others will follow

How ever you found this page it is obvious that you are serious about securing a future for everyone in your circle. You are one of the few that can see the big picture that’s why you are perfect for my free ebook

Before you download it. I want to tell you It’s not just another ebook about building aquaponic systems, in fact it is not even about aquaponics. It is about mastering the biology behind food production. How to turn your homes organic waste into food by using modern recipes and a little science.

Once you’re finished with the ebook you will intuitively know how to maintain aquaponic systems because aquaponic relies on biology as well.


What can be grown using the aquaponic machine

This is not just another aquaponic kit for sale.

The idea behind the aquaponic machine is to give the farmer the ability to grow at their own pace. this is what sets us apart, you can use money from crop sales to reinvest in your aquaponic system until it is big enough to provide a main income stream for you.


All freshwater aquarium fish can be grown, that’s right any fish found in your local pet shop. Or you can grow fish for food if you so desire. We have grown Tilapia, pacu, koi barbs, oscars, livebearers, angels, cichlids, goldfish and gouramis. Some people even grow snails crayfish and oysters.


Plants that can be grown are endless because each unit has 10 square feet of growing space you can grow using all the current styles of growing, media bed, flood and drain, nutrient film technique, deep water culture and wicking bed. with that type of flexibility all terrestrial and aquatic plants can be grown.

The pros and cons of this system are similar for the beginner and pro alike.


  • The cost is alot less than you would normally pay because we mass produce the tanks bringing the cost down for you.
  • A one time cost, you dont have to buy other parts to change between methods of growing.
  • Monitoring is done by our algorithm that will alert you if anything is wrong
  • They look good people will be talking about them and asking where you got them from.
  • you hook up a garden hose and dont have to look back all water changes are automatic.
  • you get a daily, easy to read report on how your system is doing.


  • You dont get the joy of building your very own system with blood, sweat, tears and a lot of research.
  • To keep cost down we didn’t build stands you can easily adjust this by building a stand yourself.

What is unique about the Aquaponic machine?

The aquaponic machine is like an IBC made specifically for aquaponics. Each unit is independent and carries its own sump, pump and power supply. This means that each unit can be at different levels to each other.The aquaponic machine is a clean and modular design that comes in clear, blue and tericot. The unit can be converted to any of the 5 components essential for a successful aquaponic system with simple upgrades. All you have to do is connect the units together. This is true plug and play straight out the box, just add water.

  • Plants not getting enough nutrients? Add a fish tank.
  • Water is to dirty for your preference? Get the the drum filter upgrade.
  • Not enough plants to meet customer demands? Add a grow bed
  • Energy cost too high? Get the solar upgrade.

You simply keep adding units onto the the system to increase output and maintain balance.

The ten step program to go commercial Aquaponic

Here is our ten step program for those of us that want to earn a living from our aquaponics systems.


Buy a 5 pack of aquaponic machines online and wait patiently by the door for the delivery guy, because you’re so excited when he gets here explain everything about aquaponics to him in 5 min. You take another 5 mins to set up your Aquaponic machines.


After a week you attach the aquaponic machine to your current system or pond.


It works so good with just normal swirl filters you’re impressed, with some reach online you notices others have released more water saving with the drum filter upgrade. You decide to get the drum filter upgrade.


The drum filter upgrade works so good your tilapia growth rate increases like crazy (who knew 60 micron filtration was that much better), you get another 5 pack of Aquaponic Machines so you can separate and control the breeding of fish.


Eventually you grow tired of eating so much greenery (….we know it just happens) success is so dependable that your neighbours actually start relying on your production and are bragging to each other about it.


To avoid harvest day fights some neighbours start to pay for lettuces as the competition increases among them, after all your organic crops are in high demand.You notice this is easy money and get 10 more Aquaponic machines (why not splurge on yourself you deserve it) this increases your total to 20 aquaponic machines….. this is some serious output.


Now the sales of plants pays for the cost of feed and you have hit the tipping point…. good for you.


It’s time to go solar so you order the solar upgrade and while you’re at it you get 10 more systems as well. you’re now a “week end warrior” doing your part to dismantle industrial agriculture.


You start to sell to build a clientele of regular customers and inform them that you’re going full time. everyone congratulates you on your decision.


You decide to get a loan and get 220 extra units… now its full time and you quit your job and now have to work 40 hours a week but it actually is not work because you are loving what you do

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