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Sample Business plan

“In the end, every startup is different. But in the beginning every startup is the same.”

Richie Norton

Reminder: aquaponics is supposed to make farming easier

little girl aquaponic system

A sample aquaponics business plan

A sample business plan is the most requested piece of information online about Aquaponics. This is because the vast majority of persons interested have the hurdle of a day job and would just like a template to save time. Yet majority of information online is geared towards million dollar, multi-worker operations.

Owner operated aquaponics

This plan is geared towards Aquaponics for personal profit or in other words how to quit your day job and make a living from Aquaponics using a 40 hour work week.

Four things you must understand before you attempt such a feat.

1. This is an independent form of food production.

The true cost of food produced by the industrial complex is large and hidden from consumers this is in fact the basis of capitalism. If we paid full price for food we wouldn’t have money for anything else.

Mini greenhouse system for guaranteed Harvest

 harvest from aquaponic machine

2. Your job description

is an individual who manages the inconsistency of photosynthesis to create a constant financial profit using Aquaponics.

Parallel irrigation tanks are more efficent

 independent woman with aquaponic system

.3 The first time in history

This is the first time the industrial complex has grown so large that it’s outputs can be used to create an alternate food production system. e.g.. PVC , IBCs and mag drive pumps.

4. It is a 7 year investment.

It is critical to sucess that you first understand the big picture, after all, a well defined problem is half the solution.

Better to make mistakes on paper

Everything I write is to get you to use our calculator because it is a easy way for you to document your aquaponic journey and let us help each other along the way to successful aquaponics.

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