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Second generation aquaponics

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

Dean Kamen

Programable logic controller in aquaponic machine being programed

How to tell the first generation

as someone who watches the trends of aquaponics and knows what the latest is I have been able to complied what is second generation aquaponics witch is unbelievable because we can not seen to decide what first generation AP is. let me tell you what that is quickly. it is single loop, one pump and doesn’t take much advantage of compressing power. the size is irrelevant. there is the reason that we can not decide what first generation is that because scientist are not in control here are 4 trays that you meat have to be considered second generation aquaponics

Aquaponic machine in full production filled with crops in all stages from seed to harvest

Climate smart will adjust to your environmental conditions

This feature actually depends on the other above mentioned features but basically what happens is that you have to water your wicking beds according to the rainfall. you can also backwash the as necessary when you are having heavy rainfall or even adjust feeding according to the environment then you can run your uv sterilizer when you can to burn off extra energy and save the battery life when overcast conditions.

Smart phone controlling aquaponic machine system in Barbados

Will remember what you do and the outcome

predictably comes from being able to reproduce outcomes and results this come from being able to remember what is the correct way to handle a situation you were in before and once you build up enough experience you will have no worries as the system will adjust everything for you.

Renewable energy

I cant call an aquaponic system advance if it does not utilize renewable energy in some form or fashion. you can not be relying on the electrical company and consider yourself an advancement.

Water flow

How the water flows through a system will dictate what you can do with the design. 100% of the water flow coming out of the fish tank does not have to be filtered to get 100% of the amount filtered by having multiple on a system it will give you more control over the total system because you can have slightly different water quality parameters even though you have one big water flow.