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Damian Hinkson

10 questions for a successful Aquaponic farmer

30 gallon indoor apm

4 easy steps to seamlessly blend aquaponic gardening into your lifestyle this season

5 stages of a preppers garden

6 lessons i learned from maintaining an aquaponic system for over a decade

6 lies the aquaponics experts don’t want you to know; if you knew number 4 you would never pay for an online course.

7 places where aquaponics can grow food better than conventional farming

9 features for an aquaponic fish tank you didn’t even know you needed

About the aquaponic machine

Aquaponic farming and self sufficient seed collection

Aquaponic machine case study

Aquaponics in ratios

Aquaponics in the year 2047

aquaponics is the future of humans

Aquaponics vs. Hydroponics

Biological interactions

Biomechanical ecosystems what aquaponics evolves into for preppers

Business Model in aquaponics

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Bvaa case study

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Customer support

email list

Frequently Asked Aquaponic Questions

Garden: The E-book for aquaponic preppers


Hardware design

How building an aquaponic system on a isolated island changed the world

How climate smart aquaponic systems save on running cost

How to build an automatic fish feeder for $30

How to buy the best size aquaponic pump for your situation

How to get off the bottle; Gardening without toxic chemicals at home

How to spot credible online sources of aquaponic information

Human labour

Industrial aquaponics

Invisible workers; Taming Bacteria for use in aquaponics

Is a hobby stills a hobby if it pays me

Keep genetics safe a no hormone fish breeding program

Latic Acid Bacteria (LAB) to jump start aquaponics.


Long term Breeding program for aquaponic system



Media mentions

Moonshine mentality; extracting fertilizers at home

Multiple pumps for more convenient and profitable aquaponics

Offline mineralization to increase productivity

Online monitoring of aquaponic systems

Organic media is the holey grail of aquaponics

Parallel Settling tanks in fish farming

Pressure fed irrigation manifolds

Product page

product page 150 Gallon Outdoor

product page 150 Gallon Outdoor complete 5 pack system

product page 150 Gallon outdoor control tank

product page 30 gallon indoor

product page 30 Gallon indoor complete 5 pack system

product page 30 Gallon indoor control tank

product page Barbados heirloom seed starter kit

product page Harvest of the day

product page Red tilapia for sale 5 pack

product page various aquatic plants

product page various greenhouse covers for plants

product page Various heirloom organic seedlings

Rainwater collection for a of grid aquaponic system

Sample Ap business plan

Second generation aquaponics

SHTF aquaponics a preppers dilemma

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Start up cost vs. Operating cost for aquaponic systems

Surveillance and automation for a preppers garden

Technology adoption life cycle and aquaponics

Ten years ago aquaponics was not viable

The Aquaponic Machine; Get the astonishing power of aquaponics without the confusion of online courses or expensive books

The art of feeding fish in aquaponics

The most productive pesticide free alternative for aquaponics crops

The Myth of cycling an aquaponic system

The only aquaponic system made exclusively to escape the rat race

Tipping points and moving your system

Tourism and Aquaponics

Tours page

Translating Lab conditions to real life farming

Using different types of eco systems for a sustainable aquaponic system

Using solar power as a powerful tool in achieving personal profit on aquaponics


Vlog Aquaponic Machine and Bairds village farms

water chemistry for aquaponics

What makes our SHTF surival aquaponic system work

Why decoupled Aquaponics give you so much more production


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