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“Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop is at the core of the Lean Startup model”

Eric Ries

Inside Industrial aquaponics

2 youths at aquaculture CVQ course

Start right and grow big

We all heard the “start small and grow big” advise for aquaponics. I am going to build upon that. knowing your destination is the first step of the journey.

Just how big should your system be.

Below is a guesstimate of how big you want get.

52 weeks are in a year therefore theoretical maximum yield of a 4 week crop like lettuce is 13 crops per year, assuming everything is perfect with a sale price at $2 a lettuce is $26 a square foot. About 60% will go back into the system leaving about $10.40 of profit a square foot per year.

Aiming for $50,000 a year in theory is 4807 square feet or a 50 by 100 greenhouse now we know the destination we can look at the start point.

Your starter system size

How sustainable is aquaponics

Aquaponics at secondary school

really you want to start with a system that is large enough to produce the seedlings necessary for your big system.

Parallel irrigation is more efficent

aquaponic controller

One hour a day

This is subject matter for part 2.

stages of growth

Everything I write is to get you to use our calculator because it is a easy way for you to document your aquaponic journey and let us help each other along the way to successful aquaponics.

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