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Types of aquaponic farmers and their systems

Damian hinkson inventor of the aquaponic machine


Aquaponics is a natural way to produce food that is easy to maintain with today technology and therefore has appeal to a wide selection of society. Below are brief descriptions of the different types of people I have come across in my journey and there usages of aquaponics. If you fall into a category not mentioned here please contact me with a short description so I can place it here.

The handyman

All of us has the handyman mentality in some for or faction but the main Handy man type has an aquaponic system built and looks very professional they have aquaponic system worthy of the front house if you want to buy an aquaponic system it is best to buy one form a handyman, but they will usually be willing to help you build your own and for little or no fee once the company is good. So make sure you do your aquaponic research so you can talk the talk.

The fish guy

This is the person with usually a lot of ornamental fish that use aquaponics as a means to reduce the water bill so the plants will most likely be ornamental so as the whole system because stocking density of fish for ornamental purposes required a small amount of plants

The office warrior

This is the person with a pet beta desktop system that is usually very well cared for just the idea of doing aquaponics is enough and they really care for their desktop system.

The prepper

This is the one who prepares for the SHTF moment when civilization ends and food availability is at an all time low they will use aquaponics in conjunction with other gardening to supplement activities such as plant germination and propagation.

The gardener

Forever dirt bound with raised beds and potted plants in abundance aquaponics is a way to get more from an already maxed out space aquaponics is a form of gardening and gardeners love gardening

The environmentalist

Aquaponics definitely has the “sex appeal” for people that feel a connection to mother earth. If you want to play a part in the healing of mother earth then you actually have to be generating things like greenery and compost etc… This is not easy to do in the urban landscape therefore aquaponics is the preferred method because of the close working together of natural processes and manmade materials.

The experimentalist

This person wants to see aquaponics working in all of its forms. The need to eat the fish or plants is at a minimum; once they are alive it is satisfactory. Being on the cutting edge with the latest forms of aquaponic equipment and even being the first to solve a problem in the community is the wish of every experimentalist they push the boundaries for the rest of us.

The Owner operator

The type of farmer most try to be but few achieve this size mainly because they mistakenly follow the path of “the financialist” and end up with a system that is too big to handle yet not big enough to support itself. This system is designed to give a week’s pay with a week’s work.

The teacher

Using aquaponics in the class room to get your point across to students is an easy way to encourage students to engage and the fact that you can teach all of the levels of schools with this one apparatus it is without a doubt that more teachers will start to use aquaponics in class rooms.

The financialist

“Show me the money” this segment is the least understood. They are back seat investors but usually because of natural limits of farming are reached in conventional farming to make money from aquaponics after investing in infrastructure you have to utilize the economy of scale what this means is that if your investing in an aquaponic system it has to be so big that it has a fish processing plant in order to make a handsome return on your investment.

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