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Using solar power as a powerful tool in achieving personal profit on aquaponics

“Small business people are people with goals and values that can’t be calculated on a profit and loss statement.”

Linda McMahon

Solar batterie bank and automatic control for off grid aquaponics machine pumping system

Maintain a positive cash flow for self funded upgrades

Buying a solar power system to power your aquaponics seems so expensive when you run the numbers at first. It appears to be so expensive and such a high risk for so little gains until you look at the full picture. Most people just pay for power from the electric company and forget about the renewable aspect all together. some have the disposable income to buy their own system and some see the start up cost as nothing as the running cost will be the same either loan for solar system or paying from the company.

Simple pumping system for offgrid aquaponic machine SHTF system in barbados

Solar power is essential

But there are a few things you should know before you buy and implement a alternative energy system to ensure a constant supply of electricity. This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you buy and use the components of your solar system at the right stages in your process to let you successfully grow your system to a size where it can comfortable produce what you want.

If you are looking for a complete plan to power your system with solar some points will have to line up first before you do anything. the amount of farms per watt, the cost of storage, and the cost of equipment like charge controllers once under control will make the buy very easy.

The best method to ensure you end up with something that lets you get off the grid is by looking for these things

 Overhead view of shipping container aquaponics with 100% solor power panels on top for offgrid food prodution

As pumps brake you will need to replace parts

Make sure your financial plan lets you buy the correct components at the correct time if it doesn’t you have trouble to maintain positive cash flow. Ensure your pumping system has a low power usage so you can use a smaller batteries. Any good long term financing plan should let you build up cash reserves for your purchases before you make them. This is important so you don not have to keep dipping into your pocket for each major buy..

While not necessary, some great bonus features of a great solar powered aquaponic system are climate smart pump control, filtration that does not require electricity, and wicking beds that dont require night time electricity because the more power you use at night the more storage your going to have to buy

Now that you know about the best kept secret in aquaponics you are ready to buy our system that has this build in from the start without worrying about looking to time this in from the start.

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