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SHTF Aquaponic self sufficient secrets

“Some men are much more self-sufficient than others.”

John McCain

4 things to know before you learn aquaponics from face book

solar powered off grid commercial aquaponics

how i design my system to work

1 your not going to see this design anywhere

because I haven’t any formal training and the fact that I live in Barbados where everything has to be imported so I have to make do with what is available to me. what happens is that each component is design to work as any component of the whole system. this system comes fRom years of Aquaponics and working from Grant finds so you had to design in such a way that you can add on. and grow the total size of the system. my idea was to design Aquaponics for everyone.

law of limiting factors

the law states that a chain weakest link is the best place to strengthen this is my design philosophy so in keeping this

labour vs profit


must happen and is the only other physical impute besides harvesting you have to transplant because plants increase in size with time so the space between the center of plants increase so in nature the final distance is also the start distance what we want to do is

Aquaponics can grow food everywhere

irrigation manifold for aquaponic grow beds

Media choice

With this system you can grow using any media but I prefer using organic matter so you can recycle the unsaleable portion of your plants all organic matter decomposes into humas this matter or crop residue contains the energy necessary to grow back that portion of the crop so in theory you only have to replace the energy for in the saleable portion that was consumed as that is all the energy that leaves the system. as for filter and biofilter media I prefer man made so that it can last long and be productive when it comes to drainage as the system and not designed to work with so much water

complex vs complicated

Mass production

is cheaper by using one container for all the functions of aquaponics and manufacturing it in one with all the available features

Automatic fish feeders improve growth

sorting red tilapia fish harvest backyard aquaponics

solar power

food production is a long term investment and the energy inputs will be constant even though to calorie out put is not constant at all. deseass pest neglect and theft and some of the problems you may come across. Solar power has the ability to keep you in business because it’s a one time cost where you buy the battery and energy production. the benefits are the same for Solar in general but when applied to food production it is more important because once you use my system you don’t have to buy energy of seed as you can grow food outside of the hybrids.

long term investment

this is a long term investment finanatialy and a short term investment in labour so the owner operator system has an extremely difficult issue time of surviving where as my system is designed to prosper because it is a long term investment what you can do is invest a little first and learn how to use Aquaponics and with other aquaponic systems this system is usualy a waste investment as we try to learn we have to learn the containers and shape and fluid dynamics but with me system you can focus of learning the interplay between the plants and animals and the volume of biomass required relative to the system output. a resale value is also a big help because if you want to sell if it don’t work they will always be able to sell. and it’s a one time cost the stibilry of backyard food production to the owner means that they don’t have to

fish tanks

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